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Welcome to the eela audio Caps II Radio Automation System site. To learn about the features available in Caps II, please check out the following pages:
A new website for CapsLite:

Check this new site dedicated to the free radio automation program CapsLite: in English, Serbian and Turkish language.
It also includes a video tutorial to get started.

Release of new versions:

We are pleased to announce that the new version of radio automation system
Caps 2 2.15 is released. Also the new version of the free CapsLite is available for download.

The most important changes are:
- Full Windos 7 compatible and IE9 support.
- MS SQL Server 2008 support.
- Support of  IceCast and  ShoutCast servers.

For a full list of the new features see the features page.

CAPS2 Support:

A European branch of TRACT company, Digispot-System GmbH, was founded in Hamburg Germany for support of CAPS2 and related Digispot software installations in Europe.


We are convinced CAPS2 is the best radio automation software available. In order to proof this to you we created a simplified version of the DJIN on-air software which is available free of charge: CapsLite 2.15 
Click this link or send an e-mail to
Within a few minutes you will receive a link to download this very powerful program.


In the early 90's of the last century Eela Audio developed a dos based radio automation system: CAPS
A system capable of controlling hard disks, CD jukeboxes, jingle machines and tape recorders. This system provided features which are still hard to match by other manufacturers. Still quite a few of those programs are in use today by various broadcasters worldwide proving the reliability and efficiency of this system.

In the same period R. Barth KG in Hamburg, Germany developed a system Digispot still in use with many broadcasters.
Some years ago our friends from Trakt in Russia took the initiative to take over where Eela Audio stopped. At that point we decided to combine skills and knowledge of the 3 companies to develop a system leaving the competition far behind.
Now we are proud to introduce the best of 3 worlds:
Caps II Radio Automation System, complete, packed with features, intensively tested and silently already in use with over 100 broadcasters.


Caps II provides many professional features and operations. To get an overview of all the possibilities as quickly as possible we have created a white paper. You can download this as a .pdf file on the download page.

The manuals and a demo program are available on the download page.
However these files are very large so a demo CD is also available, please contact Eela Audio and we will be glad to send you a copy.

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie